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A angelic school of mysteries - Love, truth, and wisdom are in you. Angelic guides for insight and faith of the heart. Free online education, free download music, clip art, sound wavs; inspirational poems, angel pictures and angelic script.

About Angels And God Consciousness - A new consciousness about angels and God. Experience this new consciousness of angels and God.

Abstract Angel Paintings from Dreams of Angels - Original Abstract Angel Paintings Inspired by Dreams of Angels. ReneaL's art work is internationally collected.

Accessing Spiritual Wellbeing. - Angelic and spiritual guidance via readings, healing and counseling. Bringing mind, body and spirit back into allignment for peace and harmony in life.

Adorable Unique Angel Personalities by QP's - Add an aura of charm and blessing to your life with a unique Angel personality by QP's. Pictures on website. Custom orders welcome!

Alas y Cia Granada - Angels from Spain - Angels, cherubs and nativities. Beautiful hand painted figurines for gifts, collections and decoration from our artists workshop. Trade catalogue available. Do We Have an angel for You?

All About Angels - We value you as our guest and hope you will find the unique angel gift you are looking for.

All About Angels - Thousands of unique angel gifts and figurines.

All About Angels Exploration of the Angelic Realm - Explores mysteries of the angelic realms, angel communication,encounters, history, hierarchy and art. Find information on how to find your guardian angel, how to talk to your angelic spirit guides, and more.

All Spiritual Discussions - Exchange knowledge with others in our spiritual/religious forums. Create new discussion topics, ask questions you've always wanted answered, or provide assistance to others with your own insights.

Americana Leadership College - The Americana Leadership College is a college of experience. It is based on a few basic principles. We all have angels. We are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul. We come to Planet Earth with a purpose. We have been, we are, and we always will be.

Angel and Spirituality Art - Original oil paintings and prints of Angels and Spirituality in many forms.

Angel Animals Network - The Angel Animals Network is an organization dedicated to increasing love and respect for all life one story at a time. Visit the website and share your story with others in Angel Animals books, newsletters, presentations, and workshops.

Angel Art and Angel Portraits by Holly Durr - The new official online christian fantasy art and Angel Art gallery of Holly Durr. Commission your own unique Angel Portrait or christian fantasy art. Affordable or expensive christian art, by Holly Durr.

Angel art sanctuary - Lorrie's Angel art Sanctuary is a sacred place the Angels have created for us, where the Divine can whisper and touvh us deep within if only we can allow it.

Angel Art, Angel picture, Fairy picture, Fine Art, - Welcome, this is a new web site, with Angel Art, Hillbilly Fairy Art, and more. Art by Holly Durr. Come and take a peek at this beautiful Art.

Angel Artist - The works of Patrick J. Reynolds - The online fine art gallery of Patrick J. Reynolds - The Angel Artist.

Angel Cloud Gifts - Over 350 angel pins, angel figurines and angel collectibles. Unique, beautiful and affordable angel gifts! Free collection of "Angel Poems by Authors Unknown" just for visiting!

Angel Connection Magazine - Learn to connect and channel the energies of angels and beings of light. Receive the teachings of Orin and DaBen to awaken your Light body. Articles on abundance, angels, channeling, enlightenment, the higher self, life purpose, new age music, soul mates.

Angel Dustings - My site is inspirational and makes you feel good from looking at the angelic graphics to reading the stories and angel poetry. I also have a section dealing with Pet Angels and Pet loss as well as holidays and much more.

Angel Encounter Workshop - This innovative 6 hour workshop will have you effectively talking with your Angels before you leave. Learn 3 innovative techniques for receiving practical & concise answers from your Angels. Receive answers to your questions.

Angel Fine Art (formerly Angel Fine Art Gallery) - Beautiful Angels, Archangels & Fairies in lovely landscapes & starry skies. Ltd edition, museum-quality Giclee & open edition prints & posters of original art. Commissioned Angel portraits plus Angel & Fairy gifts–cards, calendars, cups, magnets & more.

Angel Fine Art Gallery - Angels, archangels & fairies with beautiful faces in lovely landscapes & starry skies & scenes of loved ones beyond the veil. Limited edition giclee & open edition prints of original art by Lotus. Plus commissioned portraits of loved ones & pets.

Angel Gifts - This online gift shop offers angel themed gifts and apparel. Items include mugs, tote bags, clocks, pillows, t-shirts, mousepads and coasters.

Angel illustrations/fine art: Sotelo Studio - Illustrations and fine art oil paintings of angels and other spiritual / religious subject matter. Mano Sotelo is a professional illustrator living in Tucson Arizona. Commissions are welcomed. Complete portfolio available at this site.

Angel Inspirations - Angel resources.

Angel Inspired Healing Crystal Jewelry - Handmade Gemstone and Healing Crystal Beaded Jewelry Inspired by your Angels and handmade by Kerrysmatic Krystals.

Angel Lady - Angel Reader, Penny Spezzano, creator of Healing Energy Scarves.

Angel of Virtue - This stunning painting of "The Angel of Virtue" is now available in lithographs.

Angel Poems by an Archangel - These children's angel poems and spiritual love poems were all created by angel Raphael via angelman Allan Moffatt for specific people whose name and age appear in the opening line. These all included an angel sigature or drawing.

Angel prints - Offers a selection of Gilcee Prints & Greeting Cards of Angels, including some of Jesus and Mother Mary by artist Leona Lal-Singh

Angel Readings by Angelic Connection - Receive inspirational and guiding messages through your personal angel reading. Learn to connect and work with the angelic realm yourself through our angel workshops and online resources.

Angel Ring - Angel Ring consists of a directory of sites dedicated to the topic of Angels, including art, music, information, stories and discussions.

Angel Talk - Angel Talk is a three way communication between you, Barbara Bellerieve and the Angels that God has assigned you. You do not need to ask questions. Barbara will use her intuitive and prophetic gifts to communicate the messages of your Angels.

Angel Unaware--Spiritual Novel - Information on my new spiritual novel 'Angel Unaware'! Be Not Forgetful To Entertain Strangers!

Angel wings Connection - Experience Healing, Harmony, Joy, and Peace by Connecting with Your Angels.

Angel With the Golden Glow - An excellent website for adults, and children, too. Amusing, with an integral message that touches the heart. God sends angels to earth with special messages of love!

AngelDrawings - Susan is a very gifted intuitive artist that is able to see into the angelic realms to paint your personal angels. And more angel inspired drawings and paintings.

angeles - Ideas rápidas sobre los ángeles, su misión y el modo de conversar con ellos.

Angelhealing - Working alongside angels, certified Reiki Master/Teacher Mary Montgomery offers holistic healing. She accepts donations only and offers intuitive readings with Distance and Light-touch healing sessions. Visit her web-site for more information. - Free absent healing service - requests for healing accepted by email or on the sites message board.

Angelic Abundance - Angelic Abundance Angel Channel, Catherine Kasper, author of Angelic Abundance Treasure Maps: Discover the Wealth Within You. High quality Angel Readings available by phone, How to Talk With Your Angels column also Free monthly newsletter.

Angelic Creations - For delicate detail and design. Welcome to Angelic Creations for Handcrafted Cards and Website Designs of Catholic Interest.

Angelic Guardian - Angels and Guardian Angels - Extensive online information about Angels and Guardian Angels. Learn how your Guardian Angel can help you today.

Angelic Reflections - Angelic Reflections - a Spiritual Resource where you can find articles, artists, links, product recomendations and free books.

Angelic Whispers of Love - Linda Pendleton's angel cards, angel greeting cards, Don and Linda Pendleton authors of the popular book To Dance With Angels and other inspirational/spiritual books.

Angels - Some observations about angels and what we can learn from what angels do.

Angels - angels and archangels - french site - esotericism and spirituality – unique and beautiful messages of angels, archangels and spirit guides - amazing stories - meditation, mysticism, the tarot of Chagall, NDE, astral journeys, reincarnation, karma, love and prayers.

Angels Among Us - Angels Among Us framed prints. Our tribute to the Human Angels that walk and live among us. You may be surprised to discover that one of these angels, may be someone you know.

Angels by Heather - Sweet, childlike angel art and inspirations by angel artist and writer Heather O'Neill.

Angels by Sharae - Original Fine Art - Angel Paintings by Internationally recognized intuitive Angel Artist Sharae Taylor, an artist on a Spiritual Journey "I Shall Paint Angels". God works through her beautiful, ethereal art astonishing most who come into contact with these Angel paintings.

Angels Figurines, Angel Gifts, Angel collectibles - Shop for limited edition angel figurines and exclusive angel collectibles & angel Gifts featuring heavenly guardian angel art on figurines, collector plates, dolls, ornaments and more! Angel jewelry and Angel music boxes make for perfect gifts.

Angels in Rosslyn Chapel - Is Rosslyn Chapel a pagan place or worship, a Jewish Temple or a Masonic building? If so why is it full of angels? What is the symbolism of the angels? Can an angel be Masonic? The Rosslyn Templars discuss this and supply images for comparison purposes.

Angels U Light - Angels communicate with us all the time, but do we hear them? After a Near Death Experience I hear and talk with Angels. My mission is to share their messages. We also would like to hear your real life Angel Story. Angel Blessings to You!

Angels Universe - A uninverse of angelic information, archives, history and channeling through Eriel Morningstar. Angel readings and channeled readings from your guides, info on the Elohim, psychic and crystal kids, star knowledge, pleiadians, arcturians, and more.

Angels365 - An angel a day for every day. Including a thought of the day, key words, tarot cards, colours and gemstones associated with the Angel. There are also details of the Angelic language and a forum for discussions.

AngelSearch - This site contains free angels, clipart, backgrounds, animation,java applets, bible, midi, prayers and links and associated items for Christian webmasters

Angeltouche - Description~ Angeltouche offers angel readings, angel classes & workshops, reiki healing & workshops, psychic development workshops, hypnotherapy, past life regression, spiritual gifts, healing products & more.

AngelWinks - Pictures, music, guardian angels, chat, and postcards.

Angelwisps - A Flutter of Inspiration - Unique angel pins handmade of feathers and crystal beads designed as points of visual inspiration to keep us focussed on our spiritual nature and the things that are truly important in our lives. Inspired by the divine.

Appealing Angels - Angel gifts and angel card readings. Angel treasures, collectibles, figurines, books music, home and garden decor, Christmas angels. Angel information, recipes, crafts and coloring pages.

Arch Angels - Angel names list, crafts, rituals, and more.

Archangel Michael - A clarion call to all souls about the coming changes in the next millennium.

Archangel Uriel - Dedicate to the Archangel Uriel, the "Fire of God."

ArchAngelGrams - Gift Subscriptions - Help spread peace & love with a little help from the angelic realm by sending personalized gifts of love through ArchAngelGrams!

Ask an Angel... Messages from the Angels - This is a beautiful, inspiring website with Angel messages that are updated regularly & a FREE MONTHLY ANGEL NEWSLETTER. Practical, insightful information- the energy of the Angels really comes through. Also w/info on renowned angel intuitive Christopher.

Awaken to Angels - Angel Readings, Angel Classes, Animal Communicator. Lorielle specializes in LOVE readings, let her assist you today in a HEART-felt way!

Awaken Visions Domain of Visionary Art - Awaken Visions a domain of TRUTH, BEAUTY and INSPIRATION. Visionary Art - dolphins, whales, angels, mandalas, sacred spaces, landscapes of imagination. Quality prints, web design, graphic art, free art e-postcards, recommended movies & reading.

Away With the Fairies - Handmade,angels and fairies from the west of Ireland,to bring a little magic into your life! - Angels, figurines, other Christian and inspirational items, do a search to find what you want. Thousands of gifts for any occasion.

Celestial Galleries - Portfolio site for Angel Artist Leigh Anne Marshall. Leigh Anne is a gifted artist who communicates with the angelic realm to create 'angel portraits.' She would be honored to draw your angel portrait. Please email her at

Cherokee Bob's Angel Paintings - An online gallery and angel store for limited edition Angel paintings offering a variety of Angel prints and giclees.

Christine Barrett - As an Angel Therapy Practitioner(TM) and Reiki Master, Christine offers private sessions helping you connect with all parts of yourself and with those working with you from other realms to help you heal on all leveles & inspire you to live your best life.

Creator Mediator - Information is channeled from the Angels to assist you in the new energy that has stabilized here in 2003. With these many changes, the Angels have spoken about how to live in this new energy, how to channel for yourself, how to release the past and more.

Credit Card Size Urantia Book CD - Credit card size Urantia Book CD with custom text viewer.

Crystal Clear Diamond Healing - The 6-step Crystal Clear Diamond Healing (CCDH) system teaches you the skills & abilities you need to harmonise mind, body & spirit to cleanse the build up of negative energy, chemicals & memories & achieve a healthy life. Teacher training is available.

Crystal Herbs - Flower Essences & Spiritual Growth - Crystal Herbs offers a wide range of Flower Essences, Angel Essences, and Archangel & Ascended Master Essences to help our Personal & Spiritual Growth. All of our essences are handmade with Love.

El Portal de los Angeles - Todo acerca de los angeles, libros, audios, regalos, cursos online.

Gifts Of Tomorrow - Angels, "Foot Prints in the Sand", night lights and many more.

Guardian Angel Cloud Mist - God gave everyone a guardian angel to watch over and protect us. Spray this fragranced mist in the air to form an invisible cloud for your angel to rest on while they're watching over you.

Heavenly Angels Gifts & Collectibles - Looking for a unique gift for an angel lover? We aim to please angel, cherub & inspirational enthusiasts with a wide selection of angel gifts & collectibles such as lamps, figurines, wind chimes & statues.

Human Angels - A safe community for Lightworkers, Healers and Spiritual Seekers to gather. Many free resources such as e-books, articles, chat and message boards are available. Come join with others from around the world in peace and love!

Inspiring Angels - May They be Your Guide - Photo gallery with one-of-a-kind images of Angels. Original work by the photographer. - This is an Angelic teaching site for the entire human race.

Kimbas Angels - Angelology is defined as the science and study of Angels. Kimbas Angels contains research and information on the celestial beings we call Angels. Expand your Mind, Explore your Path, and Enlighten your Spirit.

Kimbas Creations - Extensive angel research. Free angel blessing and tarot readings. Handcrafted metaphysical items. Many informative and interactive pages. Expand, explore, and enlighten.

Lasting Spirituality - Site specializing in Angel and other spiritual gifts for adults and children alike. 10% of all proceeds go to worthy charities. We have a special blessed angel token for a nominal donation.

Lightworker Awakenings - My name is Cecily Channer and I am an ordained non-denominational spiritual minister and certified Angel Therapy Practictioner and this website is dedicated to those that are on a road of spiritual and psychic discovery.

Lindon Angels' Sculpture, Bella - Our beautiful and inspirational angels, fairies and elves are brought into being with great love. Each is hand-sculpted, painted and dressed by the artists. It is a concept where fine art and spirituality has truly melded into very special and unique piec

Lyn Allen's Spirit Art - Online gallery of Spirit Art for Spirit Guide/Guardian angel Paintings. Lyn is a hermetic alchemist who puts the energy of Spirit onto paper for individual Spirit Guide/Angel paintings, and these can be ordered from the online shop.

Marianne Ball Dean - Original photo of angels taken by artist, Marianne and her interesting story. She was inspired to paint them on porcelain jewelry, letter opener, book mark and key ring.

Mary's Angel Realm - A site I made for my mom with a lot of love... It resonates of angels and inspiration - just like she does.

Messages from the Angels - Oracle readings, what your Angels want you to know. N.Y. Toll free 1-866-628-3986

My First Encounter with an Angel - The true meanings in the bible as channeled through the Angel, AWAN. How the bible was changed by the priests, and why!

My Little Angels in the Sky - The story of Billy-John. "May God keep you in His tender care, 'Til He brings us together again."

My Own Angel Corner - Spiritual Website honoring the Angels thru Music, Art, and Poetry. Soar with the Angels and lift your spirit with song.

Nightingale Spiritual Healing - Past life regression hypnosis, past life readings, angel readings, Reiki, and aromatherapy.

Operation Terra - Operation Terra: Messages from the Hosts of Heaven, a new Revelation on Earth changes, ETs, End Times, Journey to New Earth, Terra

RaphaelNet - Catholic perspective through biblical references, church doctrine, and the works of St. Thomas Aquinus.

Real Stories of Angels, God and Jesus - Real Stories about Angels God and Jesus from around the world.

Roman Millenium Angels Collection - Seraphim Classics Angels, Roman Millenium Collection, religious inspirational gifts, Roman Valencia products, Christmas collectables, Catholic collectible statues, & more priced below retail. Free shipping & free gift offer.

Saints & Angels (Catholic) - Includes patron saints, a daily saints calendar, and a large collection of facts and information.

Sharae's Angels ~ Angel Portraits - On-line Gallery for well known Intuitive Angel Artist Sharae Taylor. Sharae offers individualized Angel portaits with a message. Sharae's paintings are world wide and she has exibited with Andy Lakey and Donna Terody.

Simply Inspirational - We are an online store specializing in high quality personal & spiritual growth products, angels, bath & body, crystals, motivational and relaxational products as well as many other wonderful items. Come by for a visit and have an inspired day!

Song of Azrael - An Angel Speaks - An angelic communication offering unique dialogue. Was Azrael an Angel of Death? Journey with us back in time and rediscover the ancient legacy that brought the legends to life!

Suki Sue's Sanctuary - I share my love of God, belief in Angles, love for my wonderful family & my passion for Himalayan cats, with short stories, sayinigs, & poems set on beautiful pages with unique graphics & photos; many with music. I promote the fight against child abuse &

Temple of Angels - An interfaith website regarding angels in the holy texts of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The Official Baby Angels Web Site - Welcome to the official Baby Angels web site. The home of a very unique and special animated series that teaches and instills the basics of Godly principals through cause and affect and safe resolution. Created for children, parents, teachers, & churches.

There's An Angel Watching You E-Group - EGroup sharing their stories, thoughts, web pages about God and his Angels. We are a spiritual list, open to all positive beliefs, as we are all one....

Touched By The Angels - Beautiful Angelic site listing the Worlds favourite Angel Gifts, interactive free angel card reading, helpful angels, your own web store design and more. Please pay our Angels a will not be disappointed.

Turgay Koyagasioglu - everything about reiki, ra-sheeba and angels. (Turkish)

Twinkleeye's Angels - Heartwarming and inspirational angelic website.

Variety Of Angels has free animations.Angel animation - Free angel animation. Buy an angel for a gift or your collection. Angels to fit every room of your home or garden. Angel figurines, home decor and christmas gifts. Free angel animation. Free animated gifts. - Messages from the Angels, Circle of Light Global Healing Network & Prayer Circle, Reiki, Conscious Community, World Peace Meditations, Angelic counseling, spiritual gifts & Ma'afu's Messages & workshops.

Cyber Angels

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