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Christian Expert Advice

A Bible Truth and Christian Forum - A Christian and Bible forum for true and honest answers on God's Word. When you are ready for the truth.

A Fresh Start Now - Timeless and Timely Wisdom To Help People Who Are Experiencing Transition, Crisis or Loss Get A Fresh Start Now . A FRESH START NOW Fundamentals: 1. Everybody, everyday needs and can have A Fresh Start. 2. God want

All About Cohabiting - Good Reasons NOT to Live Together Unmarried

Ask A Pastor - Home of the Virtual Pastor, Rev. Dave Arch.

Ask Pastor Know-It-All - An ordained minister who has done graduate work in psychology.

Ask the Pastor - Answering questions about religion, theology, and the Bible.

Ask The Pastor - Email any question about the Christian faith to them.

Becoming--Caring Christian Solutions - Counseling and spiritual growth to help you live the abundant life Jesus promised. Marriage and family, life coaching.

Catholic Q&A - From the Eternal World TV Network. Post questions to a panel made up of priests, scholars, and community activists.

Changed Lives - TRUE stories of REAL people whose lives have been radically, wonderfully, and permanently changed. They invite you to read their stories and know...IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU TOO!

Chaplain Fellowship Ministries - Chaplain crisis intervention faith based counselor training for counselors, ministers, pastors and chaplains seeking endorsement in the ministry.

Character Building for Families - Topical Bible / character study for the family. Use for family devotions, homeschool, or as parenting tool. Christian articles and helps, home school articles, product reviews, and classifieds.

Christian Counseling Online - Christian Counseling Online was designed to help you find the answers you're looking for. At Christian Counseling Online you will find lots of information and tools available to help you...We have information on depression, marriage counseling, and more.

Christian Counselling - Counselling by Christian Clinical Psychologists. Several Sydney clinic locations.

Christian Internet Ministry - Features an archive of requests for advice and counseling.

Christians on the Clock - Helping us live God's word the other six days of the week. Provides witnessing tools and advice, personal growth and other online resources, Christian business leadership and work ethic articles, and discussion forums.

Church Construction & Financing Resource Site - A free resource for information tips and articles on church, church construction, and church financing, grants and capital campaigns.

Dear Vince - For Christian Relationship Advice - A site for those who need advice on relationship; dating, marriage, separation and divorce from a biblical viewpoint.

Divorce and Childsupport - Secrets the Devil doesn't want you to Know. Lift up your eyes on high, And see who has created these things, Who brings out their host by number.

Divorce Hope - DivorceHope offers new book, Divorce: God's Will ?. A book from God's heart! God's priority is to first save the people of the marriage, then possibly the marriage itself. Book also covers divorce, remarriage, submission and forced marriages.

Dr. Fran Young - Online Christian Counseling - Dr. Fran Young is a Christian psychologist with more than 25 years of experience who serves women, families and young people through online counseling using chat and e-mail.

Family Impact - Church small groups, small group ministry. A resource for churches and families who wish to build relationships with one another and with God, through small group experiences and books.

Genesis Transitional Housing Ministries, Inc. - GTHM, Inc. has developed a program suited for the homeless in New York City & the surrounding boroughs. This program will focus on men and women, who will be allowed to recieve counseling, drug and alcohol abuse intervention, relapse prevention sessions.

Hebron Road 2 Fellowship - Coaching addresses personal projects, transitions in life, relationships or profession. Mentoring turns personal values into practice and relates passion to work. Spiritual Direction is called forth by others as they pray for guidance.

Human Rights Within The Christian Marriage - Both Jesus and Paul taught divorce rights on the basis of "just-cause" Online article examines biblical text statements of Jesus and Paul on divorce.

Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage - Why are there so many different doctrines in today's Church about marriage, divorce and remarriage? What doctrines are right according to early Christians and Scripture? A must read for pastors and leaders!

Maximum Change Coaching & Consulting - Maximum Change is a Christ centered organization with the purpose & passion to help Christians discover & become all God has called them to be within their church, business, home, & life in general. Maximum Change is designed to encourage, support & more.

Octopus Faith retreat speaker - Let Janet Drez take you on an adventure using attributes of the octopus as a profound word-picture to discover the 8 tentacles of “Octopus Faith.” 2 hour event or weekend retreat, you’ll enjoy the journey.

Phil Dunfee - Conciliation and Mediation - A biblical Christian conciliation and mediation ministry promoting the healing and unity of the church in conflict.

Professional Services Training Institute - Our Services: Instructor Training, Professional Leadership, Online Mentor Service, Administrative Instruction Service. We teach you to teach people! Regardless of what you do as a leader, you must know how to present your ideas to your audience.

Reach for the Stars Spiritual Coaching - Christian spiritual life coaching from a certified pastoral minister. Offers telephone spiritual coaching and seminars, as well as spiritual photography.

Success with Dale Davidson - Dale Davidson is a professional motivational speaker who is a Christian and often speaks at crusades and revival meetings. He has a strong witness presented in an entertaining manner that is welcoming to both seekers and believers.

Sycamore Ministries - Use a Christian guide and coach as a counselor and mentor to develop your leadership, improve relationships, explore spirituality through this ministry of helping others achieve personal growth.

The Depressed Christian Help Guide - A free online depression booklet for Christians suffering hardship and who need direct, immediate spiritual & practical help.

Thrifty Times - Encouraging contentment and wise spending among Christians.

Troubled Teen Ministries - A powerful Christian boarding school for troubled teens who act entitled, rebel against parental authority, academically unmotivated, and hanging out with the wrong crowd. Specializing in family restoration.

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