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Planet Pagan - Specializes in pagan webhosting, and also includes pagan discussion forums, pagan banner exchange, pagan topsites list, web directory of pagan websites, pagan email service, and much more!

Wicca Forums - Wiccan Discussion Forums to chat about Wicca and Wiccan topics. Topics include free spells, holiday chat, herbs, crystals, aromatherapy, poetry and writing, other pagan related topics, and more!

A Pagan's Rosary - Resource for Pagans interested in using prayer beads or rosaries as a part of their spritual practice.

A Sacred Grove Pagan Auctions - Sacred Grove is a safe haven for buyers to find ritual items and sellers to sell their pagan made goods. Come see us at Sacred Grove where basic listings are FREE!

A Spellbound Experience - The Ultimate Pagan/Wiccan Software! A must have for all pagans and wiccans alike. Within this program you will find information on runes, sabbats, tools used in the craft, glossary of terms, divination, incense, and a HUGE selection of spells.

A Traditional Vision Herbals & Pagan Native Witch - We are pagans helping pagans to easy access materials they can explore their own paths in safe setting, all resources free,and for materials for you spiritual path we srock huge resources of dried herbs,herbal products hand crafted metaphysical items.

A Witch Alone - A Serele haven for solitary witches only.....

A Witches Market Auction - The Witches Market Place, one stop for your auction shopping. Featuring terrific seller's, reasonable prices and hard to find items. Contest and Raffles every month.

Afterworld - A pagan oriented community providing forums, chat, articles and more.

Alachua Pagan Alliance - Encompassing various Pagan groups in Alachua County and north Florida.

Alisha's Broom Closet - We are purveyors of fine metaphysical goods, custom Book of Shadows design, and magickal home parties! Browse and discover pagan home decor, magickal tools and supplies, gift items, unique folk art, and spell components.

All Spiritual Discussions - Exchange knowledge with others in our spiritual/religious forums. Create new discussion topics, ask questions you've always wanted answered, or provide assistance to others with your own insights.

All Your Witchcraft Supplies At The Wiccan Way - Shop for wicca, pagan, celtic, witchcraft, occult, new age, metaphysical, ritual & divination supplies, incense, oils, herbs, books, spells, videos, & jewelry. We offer fast order processing, great prices, & excellent customer service.

Allegheny Candles, Feng Shui and Mystical Shoppe - Offering scented candles, feng shui products, spiritual jewelry and gifts, divination and ritual tools, psychic development programs and much more.

Alternative Market Place - The Internets Gatekeeper to Mind, Body & Spirit. We are the only professional targeted search engine that binds the mutual interests of Alternative Healers, Metaphysical Suppliers, and New Age Products and Services.

Amazing Magic Spells Love Spells and Money Spells - Magic Spells, Love Spells, Money Spells, talismans, charms, spells casting spells, witchcraft and voodoo dolls available.

Aphrodite and Pan - Enhance your connection to the Gods & Goddesses! Ancient Greek God and Goddess statues in alabaster and bronze. Hand cast bronze museum replicas of oil lamps & artefacts. Also, incense and exact temple replicas. A UNIQUE collection for UNIQUE beings.

Arddhu - Path to the Old Ways - Old Village Witchcraft of yesteryear. Unique Witchcraft correspondence course open to genuine seekers within the United Kingdom teaching Witchcraft proper and Ancient British Lore.

Aroma Therapy and Everything Else! - Over 400 fragrance oils, essential oils, diffusers, plus over 500 incense sticks, cones, powder and granular incense. The number one shopping plaza for wicca, occult, new age and more...

Asiya's Shadows - Explores in-depth the symbolism, lore, and magick of the four elements, Sabbats, and Esbats. Includes a Book of Shadows with rituals, God and Goddess info, magickal techniques, correspondences, and commentaries.

Auction Witch - An online Pagan Auction Community - Come Auction for a Spell!

Aurum Lumen Esoteric School - An esoteric school with a huge base of texts available to members. All members are notified of new additions. Specialize in Tarot, Numerology, Palmistry, Laws, Witchcraft, Kabblah, Runes, Ceremonial Magic, Crowley, Enochian Calls, and more.

Australian Stav Association

Authentic Voodoo Love Spells & Voodoo Magic - Powerful, Handcrafted Voodoo Love Spells, Voodoo Love Magic, Voodoo Rituals & Psychic Readings for every need provided by experienced Voodoo Practitioners. Exquisite Elixirs, Rare Potions, Handblended Perfumes, Magical Gris-Gris Bags, and more.

Avalon Hill - Avalon Hill is a Pagan owned and operated webshop with lots to offer..we have handmade items such as soy candles, ritual incense, pagan suncatchers, witch balls and jewelry. We also have Celtic items, books on tarot, wicca, candle magick and more.

Avalon Risen - Pagan and metaphysical online shop featuring hundreds of items, including ritual tools and supplies, gifts, jewelry, books and Pagan music - with a percentage of profits being donated to causes that are helping to save Coast Redwoods from extinction.

Black Wolf Forums - This is a new Pagan forum that is very friendly All are welcome.

Blackrayne Custom Gothic Clothing - offers custom gothing clothing (corsets, gowns, etc.), handmade gifts (herbal soaps), and professional photography.

Blessed Moon - New Age, Pagan, Occult, Wiccan, Celtic & Ritual Items. Books, jewelry, tarot, music, home decor and more.

Blue Moon & Stars: Metaphysical Gifts - A wonderful collection of Wicca and spritual gifts including: Jewelry, Books, Athames & so much more.

Capluna: Pagan Celtic Jewelry Witchcraft Magick - The Capluna Shop in downtown Petoskey Michigan. Offering Celtic jewelry, pentacles and pagan symbols. We also have incense and oils, spell and specialty candles, and crystal balls. Purchase online everything you need for tarot cards & Tarot Card reading.

Cats Lair - Hand crafted and painted ceramic Dragons, Wizards,Witches, Fairies, Gnomes, Greenman, Egyptian, Incense burners and more... Quality incense and oils, spell kits, stones, candles, runes and more...

Cauldron of Becoming - The cauldron of becoming is a small Online Learning Environment, where magic is taught. No Harry potter stuff, but serious stuff like shielding, grounding and astral travel!

Celtic art music and teachings from Cornwall - Cornwall's Celtic landscape, Cornish sacred sites, Cornish art, Celtic music from Cornwall. Teachings from Cornwall. A portal to the cornish landscape and a more gentle approach to life. Distance healing yoga and meditation

Celtic Jewelry Wiccan Jewelry by SilverE - Over 2500 styles of Sterling Silver & 14k Gold Pendants, Charms & Jewelry Making supplies in a variety of Styles, including: Wiccan/Pagan, Celtic, Animals/Totems & lots More!

Cerridwen's Celtic Cross - Whether Pagan, Wiccan, Druidic, Ecclectic Christian, a Christian Witch, Heathen, or other earth-based religion, you're sure to find something at Cerridwen's Celtic Cross that will enchant you. Features apparel, housewares, gifts, and more.

Charlotte's Web - Eclectic Pagan Website. All faiths welcome. Store in Marietta GA. Online Webstore-complete selection of Pagan/Occult ritual supplies-VERY LOW PRICES!

Cheshire Cat Creations - Site offering free catalog offering dragons, gargoyles, fairies, athames, swords, Native American items, Gothic items, candles, incense, totem animal figurines, and much more.

Childrens Astral Sanctuary of Healing Earth Wisdom - The Children's Astral Sanctuary of Healing Earth Wisdom is a non-denominational pagan church located in New Mexico. It offers many services, including sponsoring a newsletter & providing hospital visitation for pagan patients.

Circle of Moons - My new group that will feacher a web based coven members need to form coven all welcome must be 18 to enter. This group will also bring links, ideas, thoughts, files, photos and more to the members of the coven.

Circle Sanctuary - Founded in 1974 by Selena Fox, Circle Sanctuary is dedicated to research, spiritual healing, counseling, and education.

Claudia's Lightworker Supplies - Secure online shopping for the most beautiful metaphysical jewelry on the market today - Goddess, Egyptian, Totems, Pentacles, Celtic, Gothic, Rings, Books of Shadows on CD, Psychic Protection eSeminar, Energetic Vitamins and much more.

Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans

Coventry Earth Spirit - Locally based group for people who feel a link between their spiritual path & the environment. Includes listing of forthcoming events.

Craft Followers

Crystal Myst - A fun place to shop for all your Wicca, Witchcraft, New Age and Metaphysical supplies such as herbal magic candles, ritual items, altar items, brass, crystal, runes and much more!

Custom Love Spells - Love Magick - Magic Spells - Custom spells and spell casting services. Love spells, magic spells, money spells, healing spells and protection spells.

CyberMoon Emporium WitchCraft-Supplies - Witchcraft supplies for all your altar, ritual and spell crafting needs. Charmed, celtic, pagan, wiccan, witch, goddess, fairy, dragon and elfin jewelry. Free online Book of Shadows and spells. Sign up for our free newsletters.

Daughters of Ishtar - Sacred and transformational spaces for women. Celebrating the Goddess / the Divine Feminine and women's spirituality. Women's mysteries ceremonies. Practical, emotional and spiritual preparation for pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.

Dayton Area Pagans Network - Serving the Pagan community of Dayton and surrounding areas by hosting a mailing list, Pagans Night Out, and through our newsletter, Out of the Shadows.

Dejah Voodoo - Dejah Voodoo is a full service Witch Shop and Temple offering authentic items and education by an initiated Priestess. Dejah Voodoo is pleased to offer the finest in authentic occult items such as Charms, Readings, Spirit Dolls, Talismans and many others.

Discount Metaphysical - Handcrafted book of shadows, magick and ritual supplies priced below retail with low shipping.

Dragon Alley - Online Store for all that you need for your individual Spiritual Path. Jewelry,athames,incense,herbs,censors,oils, statues & figurings, candles, books, and much, much more.

Dragon Clan Circle - Dragon Clan Circle is a drug free, family oriented coven, based out of Indiana. We are dedicated to reclaiming the path of the Lord & Lady through ritual, worship, kinsmanship, nature, and connection with the Ancient ones.

Dragon Whispers - Ritual items and spell kits, jewelry, altar plate, chalices, and of course Dragons, lots more at the Dragon Whispers.

DragonOak's Wood Shop - Handcrafted wood pagan altars, oak rune sets, tarot boxes, spirit boards, witches wands and much much more. All crafted by DragonOak, "one who walks the pagan path".

Dragons Whispers - Ritual items, jewlery, altar plate, chalices, and of course dragons, lots more at the Dragon Whispers.

Dragonswood - Dragonswood is a friendly open resource for Witches, Wiccans, Druids, Heathens, Neo - Shamen, Pagans of all paths and Seekers of all levels of experience with a bias toward the newcomer. ' May your path be illuminated by the wisdom of the ancient o­n

Earth Mothers spirit Tree - Celtic Pagan site to help others of similar mind and path find their way a little easier. Druidic and gaelic language informational links, many more...

Earth Shamans - Shamanism and shamanic teachings, humankind's oldest spiritual path, offers ways for people to become aware of their potential, and to explore their spiritual relationship to the world and themselves

Earth Spirit Emporium - Earth Spirit Emporium brings you a diverse selection of magickal and ritual supplies, including books, candles, incense, essential oils, jewelry, wind chimes, smudge sticks, tarot cards and boxes, and so much more.

Egyptian Art - For thousands of years Egyptian Art and culture has been facinating human race. The precision and clean cut design way ahead of its time. The work on this website will bring you the intergration of this ancient culture to the 21st century. Keeping the

Einherjar Vé Stav - Stav is a traditional European system based on 16 stances and runes. Stav is a complete system and includes healing, meditation, crafts and martial aspects.

Elder Ways - Elder Ways, an attempt at creating a single pagan community wherein is contained all wanted or requires content. Forums, blogs, a storefront, newsfeeds, come and pay us a visit.

Elemental Accents - Pagan Holiday Supplies - Unique store created for the Pagan Wiccan community. See the Pagan Holiday Cards everyone is talking about.

Elementals Botanica - Authentic santeria, voodoo, spiritual supplies. Tarot Card Readings, Amulets, Talismans, 7 Day fixed candles, mojo bags, gris-gris bags, baths, floorwashes.

Eloise Kirlan's Magickal Shop - Eloise Kirlan's Magickal Shop of hand blended magickal incenses, oils, ointments, baths, incense sticks & cones, over 100 different gemstones & crystals, gemstone & pagan jewellery, candles, talismans, charms, amulets, rune stones, & much more.

Embrujo: la web de Vargas "el brujo" - Una visión personal del esoterismo, el chamanismo y la brujeria.

Enchanted Auction - FREE listings at Enchanted Auction. Come be Enchanted.

Enchanted Complex Almanac - Access our free online almanac filled with folklore, myths, and legends.

Enchanted Complex, The - One of the largest newage, pagan, metaphysical,and witchcraft stores online. Access our free online alamanc.

Enchanted Realm Emporium - Providing the Canadian Pagan & Witchcraft Community access to resources, information, news, networking, tools, & acess to quality pagan products.

ePagan Auctions - Pagan & Witch Auction - 1000s of items. Free Listings, Free eMail, Pagan eCards, Banner Exchange, Free Scholarships to WitchSchool, Giveaways, Raffles and Fun!

Exu Mor - Black Magic and Spells - Appraised Santeiro in Brazil and Other Countries. Ambassator of African Cults. Most acclaimed Sourcer in Americas. Master in black and white magic.

Fairy Tales Discount Pagan and Wiccan Supplies - Welcome to a fun site dedicated to serving your spiritual needs. We have membership pricing available as well as free stuff!

Fellowship of Isis - International organization dedicated to honoring the religion of the Goddess in her many forms.

Free Find Pagan Love Personal ads - Free personal ads for Pagans to meet people of like faiths. Single Wiccans, Asatru, Druids and people of other Pagan paths are strongly encouraged to post.

Free Love Spells - Offers all kinds of free love spells and sex spells, including wiccan and other magic, to help you find that special someone.

Gaia's Garden - A place to honour mother earth and share thoughts on the many paths of earth tradition... also home to Gaia's Garden online shop - bringing you the Natural Magic of Mother Earth.

Georgia Tech's Student Pagan Community - The Student Pagan Community is a formerly pending Georgia Tech student organization in Atlanta.

Germanische Glaubens-Gemeinschaft - Presenting to you European Heathenism and one of the oldest Heathen/Germanic religious association in the world.

Glass Dragon - Glass Dragon is a Pagan owned and operated webshop with lots to offer..we have handmade items such as soy candles, ritual incense, pagan suncatchers, witch balls and jewelry. We also have ritual items, books, crystal balls and much more.

Goddess Market - Find spiritual tools, lovely Pagan-oriented gifts, beautiful scarves, rugs, Pentacle table cloths, Pagan housewares, altars, jewelry, pendulums, gorgeous hand-made Goddess Dolls and much more.

Golden Ligthning - Site of the center the golden ligthning dedicated to the esotericism, occultism and golden age. Site fills up spirituality, magic, hermetism, wisdom and Light.

Good Witch of the Midwest - Good Witch of the Midwest is your source for a variety of hand crafted pagan items. We feature Goddess inspired incense burners, Tarot boxes, anointing oils, ritual bath salts, and decorated brooms for cleansing your sacred space.

Greek Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece - Greek Mythology-Greek gods and goddesses of ancient Greece. Greek Names and their meanings. Photo gallery, myths and temples of the Olympian gods. Nymphs, muses, cyclops, centaurs. Greek heroes Achilles, Heracles, Odysseus & more!

Green Circle, The - Provides a forum for esoteric discussion and the sharing of information.

Green Wolf - The Green Wolf offers magickal & pagan ritual tools, jewelry, totemic dance costumes and more, all made by Lupa! Barter and custom work accepted.

Gypsy Benny Products - Handcrafted pagan/wiccan tools and supplies. All Australian made in a high energy area. Wands, staffs, runes, alters, powders, potions, amulets, gypsy putsi, jewellery. Unique and affordable supplies!

Gypsy Eyes Curio - This store is Spiritually Eclectic in nature, because we are also! We are here to provide you with variety of products & spiritual assistance which will enhance you spiritually as well as broaden you mentally. We want to help you achieve some stability.

Gypsy Heaven - The Witch Shop of New Hope, Pa. Now featuring the largest selection of Wicca/Pagan supplies. Books, Tarot cards, Incence, Oils, Crystals, Classes and much more!

Hecate's Temple - Hecate's Temple is a full service Witch Shop and Botanica offering authentic items and education by Angelique Samedi, an initiated Priestess. Hecate's Temple is pleased to offer the finest in authentic occult items such as Charms, Readings, and more.

Henge of Keltria - Focusing on personal growth through the development of mind, body, and spirit.

Hugin Heritage - The ancient faith - Heritage of the Germanic people.

Inner convocation school of visionary magic - School of visionary magic provides free library of esoteric visions, teaching text, stories and artwork. Inner temple traditions, ancestoral work, healing and faery /underworld workings.

Jade's Magick Shoppe - Jade's Magick Shoppe delivers quality metaphysical products at affordable prices, including ouija boards, Tarot decks, spell kits, Rune sets, ritual supplies and other unique items.

Kenaz Books - Books for the NZ Occultist, Heathen, Witch and Wiccan.

Khakani's Mytic World - Spells Magic Talismans Charms Mystic Mystical Genies Wiccan Voodoo Rituals Powers Kabala Kawachas Psychic.

Lan-Chester Pagan Meetup Group - Meet other like-minded local Pennsylvania Pagans, Wiccans, Druids, all walks of pagan life within the Chester County & Lancaster County area.

Love Spells - Authentic Love Spells cast on your behalf by notoriously known witch Ms. Aisha. She offers Love Spells with fast and powerful results.

Love Spells - Love spells - powerful love spells performed just for you by the United Kingdom's best and most powerful witch Carmen!

Love Spells and Love Magic by Love Spell Specialist - Powerful love spells available, love spells information, psychic and occult services by Lunar Love Spell Witch Selene.

Love Spells at Mysticka - Site offering spell casting services. Specializes in custom designed love spells. Offers money back guarantee.

Love Spells At - Site offering spell casting services including love spells, love return spells, reunion spells, love binding spells, marriage spells, fidelity spells, separation spells.

Love Spells For Soulmates, Money and More - Love Spells for Soulmates, money Spells and more. Uses for Roots and Herbs. Free do-it-yourself Wicca Spells. Tarot Magick. Spell E-books. We have everything! Courtesy of High Priestess Morgana.

Love Spells, Money Spells, Wiccan Spells - Love spells, money spells, wiccan spells, natural born witch. Powerful spells to aide you in getting what you want thru spell casting.

Magdalena's Temple - I founded this site after myself and friends had difficulty in finding low cost, good quality Pagan goods, crystal ball readings, incense & candles. My aim is to provide a simple to use retail site with friendly service for new & traditional spells.

Magic Spells Charms Mystical Talismans - Magic spells, charms, mystical talismans, witchcraft, black magic protection, voodoo dolls, spirits, genies, rituals, ceremonies and more

Magick Temple - Spells for you. Love, custom, health, fortune, weight loss, and more, let the Magick Temple bring some Magick into your life.

Magickal Lights - A new board about Wicca,Witchcraft and everything around it, from dreams to gods and goddesses (and of course spells). If you need help or look for info, this is a good place to look for it.Join us and help us make a great board.

Mama Cholas Witch Shop and Botanica - Mama Cholas is a full service Witch Shop and Botanica offering authentic items and education by Angelique Samedi, an initiated Priestess. Mama Cholas offers the finest in authentic occult items such as Charms, Spirit Dolls, Voodoo Dolls, & more.

Meta Pot - A Metaphysical Brew - Serving the wiccan and Metaphysical community. Wicca products include jewelry, Witchcraft, wicca products, oils, herbs, candles, spells, Incense, products, Athames.

Metaphysical supplies at Magical Omaha - For all your metaphysical shopping. We have books, beautiful and unique jewelry, mystical clothing, and much more.

Military Pagan Network - Serving the networking needs of the military pagan community.

Moon and Thorn - Located in the San Diego area, Moon and Thorn is a virtual boutique of online, telephone and in-person spiritual services such as readings, classes, healing, mediumship, reiki, free community and learning resources and more.

Moonlight Mysteries - Beautiful pagan, wiccan, and celtic jewelry and supplies. Find everything from talismans and pentacles to cloaks and tapestries.

Motor City Pagans - News and networking for Pagans in greater metro Detroit area.

My Book Of Shadows Online Wiccan Classes & More - Classes in Tarot, spell writing spell casting & more! Free Psychic reading nite, low monthly membership fee. 30 day trial membership only $19.99

Mystic Gardens - Mystic Gardens. Find the Mystic in You! Gift Shoppe for All Things Magical Ritual and Metaphysical supplies and some fantasy just for fun. Also Wiccan and Doula Information.

Mystic Minerva's - Mystic Minerva's provides occult and spiritual supplies ranging from oils and incenses to books and ritual gear. We specialize in wiccan, voodoun, and santeria products. We have many rare and unusual items for the practising spiritual worker.

Mystic Witch - Mystic Witch is an Open Occult Community for those writers that would wish to have their writings published freely without restrictions. Manned by a wonderful staff each week new and unique articles, short stories and poetry are published.

Mystic-Auction - On line Pagan/Wiccan auction house, offering many hard to find spiritual items. Free listings, free contest and give aways and so much more!

Mystical Ambrosia - Spell Kits, metaphysical and spiritual supplies. Candles, homemade oils, incense, herbs, crystals and more.

Mystical Realms - A home for all pagans to come together to share our hopes and desires, to unite as a whole to overcome all obstacles in our path. To share our ideas, help those that wish to follow the pagan path, and most of all, meet new friends. - Online store for all things magickal, mystical, or spiritual. Includes herbs, statues, home decor, altars, shrines, jewelry, cloaks, books, cards, and lots more.

New Age, Paranormal, Magick, Wicca, Orgone Energy - Our Unique Energetic Creations enable you to Become a Force of Power! Shatter limitations and gain control of your circumstances! Manifest your desires and Vastly Improve the quality of your life! Protonic Creations.

Nine Houses of Gaia - Non-profit organization promoting interest in Earth-based religions.

Northvegr: The Northern Way - Over 7000 pages dedicated to the Northern Way a genuine form of Northern European Heathenism. We provide the largest collection of English language source material for Heathenism on the web: a quarterly e-zine, forum boards, Heathen and Viking Stuff store

Ofício da Bruxa - O Ofício da Bruxa© é um sítio que completa o Projecto Templo de Lugh. Pretende ser um sítio vocacionado para o Paganismo, embora incida bastante sobre a Wicca, e a WitchCraft. No entanto toca noutros temas como o Druidismo. O nosso objectivo é informar.

Olde Ways, Talismans and Runes in Silver and Bronze - Welcome to Oldeways and Merry Meet. Runes, Tarot,talismans, whatever your need, you will find it here, hand made and hand crafted in the Olde Ways.

Order of Selohaar - Magickal, philosophical, and martial practices guided by the ideals of the medieval knight archetype.

Pagan & Magick Shop - New Age Supplies: With a range of Gemstones, Crystals, Fact Sheets, Incense, Oils and Jewellery.

Pagan Alliance of Central Texas - PACT provides a forum for networking opportunities, information, and advocacy.

Pagan and Proud of it - A personal/teaching site: runes and runelore and Norse history. Herbs used in health and magick. The ways of the Craft, metaphysics, meditation, chakras, philosophy,the cabala, page after page of poems to the Goddess.

Pagan and Wiccan Ritual candles - All kinds of candles appropriate for daily use or for working magick spells. Inexpensive enough to keep plenty of candles on hand so that you can cast spells when they are needed rather than waiting until you can get to the store.

Pagan and Wiccan Ritual incense - Always have incense on hand for daily use or for working magick spells. Ours is inexpensive enough to keep plenty of incense around so that you can cast spells when they are needed rather than waiting until you can get to the store.

Pagan Art Work ... From Pagan and Proud of it ! - Pagan Art work made by me. All the faces of the Great Mother, the elements, astral visons, and some fantasy just for fun. Come take a peek and maybe buy a print or two. Always something new to see. Blessings Be, Esta Weiss.

Pagan Cafe - "An online interactive Pagan community", we strive to build a networking database unlike any other. Online classes, endless resources.

Pagan Carmina Gadelica - The adaptation of the Carmina Gadelica to suit Pagans, reflecting a Celtic spirituality native to the Islands of Scotland.

Pagan Link Eenvironmental Group - A place to discuss the environment and ways in which we can all do our bit to heal her..

Pagan Poetry - We are a collection of Pagan Poetry writers.

Pagan Shopping Wiccan Supplies - Pagan, Wiccan, New Age, Alternative Spirituality, Witchcraft, products services shopping supplies.

Pagan Study: Interactive Online Pagan College - PaganStudy offers courses and training in over 70 magickally-oriented topics, including: Wiccan Studies, Pagan Studies, Divination, Foundational Occultism, Art & Craft, Natural Health, Modes of Magick, Witchcraft, and History, Mythology & Folklore.

Pagan Travel Network - Witch & Famous Cruises - Our Mission - To provide Neo-Pagan festivals at sea - sound amazing? surreal? wonderful? mysterious and magickal? Well, that's what the "Witch and Famous Cruises" promise.

Pagan World - Pagan Dating and Friendship - Dating and friendship finder service for people with Pagan and earth-centred religions. - 'An it harm none, write what thy will'..

Pandora's Bazaar Pagan Marketplace - Online source for unique, pagan decorative products, Wiccan ritual items, and other witchcraft supplies for all magickal people. The best goddess dolls on the web, cloaks, books, herbs, and more!

Pendragon - Information on Wicca, Paganism, the Tarot, the Goddess, Stonehenge, Spellcraft, Demons, and Christianity.

Pentacle Press -- Wicca & Witchcraft Books - The finest Wiccan, Pagan and Witchcraft books, Spell books, Tarot cards, and custom Book of Shadows at low, Pagan-friendly prices. Pentacle Press is where witches buy their books!

Powerful Spells That Work - We cast spells for you. Wicca and White Witchcraft Spells, magic spells, love spells, lust spells, money spells, prosperity spells, attraction spells, job spells, good luck spells, protection spells, psychic ability spells, binding spells, and more.

Prayer Beads and More - We offer handmade Pagan rosaries, prayer beads, and devotional jewelry to deepen your spiritual practice. You can also add a touch of the Goddess to your dancing with our Pagan bellydance jewelry!

Raven and Crone - Online shop for witchcraft, wiccan and pagan supplies for all of your spiritual and magickal rituals. Orders usually ship with 24 hours and we carry over 2000 items so come and visit our catalog.

Raw Pagans - A site dedicated to the Raw Food and Pagan Communities. Site includes event reviews, recipes and rituals.

Ritual Magick JP - Official site of renowned occultist and best selling author Jason P.Pike,whose books include 'Powerful Magic Words' and 'The Holy Squares of Divine Magic' (Finbarr). RitualMagickJP supplies QUALITY ritual magick books and tools, talismans, and more.

Rune Gild - Traditional school focused on the Runes and Rune-Wodenism.

Rune Stone Reading - Calmer-Karma offers a wide variety of services from tarot and rune stone reading to palmistry and dream interpretation.

sacred fire herbs - An Herbal Apothecary - Owned and operated by a certified herbalist who has been a practising neo-pagan for the past 25 years, sacred fire herbs is the best place to go for gentle, all natural remedies for common ailments. We specialise in womens' and childrens' health issues.

Sacred Magick - The Esoteric Library - - Library of Esoteric, Occult and Magickal Documents Available for the Global Community ie. Grimoires, Witchcraft, Chaos, Demonology, References, Alchemy, Voodoo, Kaballah, famous Esoteric authors and more!

Saorsa - A friendly pagan community providing forums chat articles and moots.

Shadow EarthFire's Magickal Haven - My site is dedicated to helpging people learn more about the Wiccan and Pagan faith, as well as let them know that they are not alone in this world with their problems.

Shadow Effects Ritual Candles - On Line store for my hand made Ritual Candles. I make Pentacle Altar Candles. Astral spell candle; and Elemental candles for the Quarter positions of your Temple or Ritual Space. I also have a new Triple Goddess candle, and will soon have rune candles.

Shamanic Magickal Site - Shamanic magickal items: includes genies, talismans, magickal pearls, bezoar stones, empowerment rituals, knowledge papers, etc.

sharpe designs - Gallery of unique British Celtic, medieval, astrology and New Age gifts. Dragonesque vamp, alternative clothing and jewellery. Illuminated fine art prints and scrolls.

Shop Wicca - Witchcraft Supplies, hand made ritual candles, bath and body items, spell kits and more.

Silver Light Source - We offer a wide selection of pagan, wiccan and witchcraft related items. Choose from capes, robes, dresses, tunics, jewelry, altar supplies and much more. All products are beautifully handcrafted.

SOLASDANA - Solasdana is an organization founded by Frank MacEowen, dedicated to exploring the healing power of nature, non-ordinary states of consciousness, and the ecopsychological insights of the primal Irish traditions.

Spell Casting by a High Priestess - Have a High Priestess cast a spell on your behalf. I specialize in love, money, legal and binding issues. Tarot card readings also available. Guaranteed results.

SpellSpot Discount Wiccan & Pagan Supply - SpellSpot is a Pagan owned business with 4000+ Discount Witchcraft, Wiccan and Metaphysical Supplies, Books and Jewelry. We keep prices low by honoring the "Threefold Law"; if our costs go down so do our webstore prices!

Spiral Goddess Grove - Online Goddess Temple, with Sacred Groves, Altars and lots of Goddess information, prayers, blessings and meditations. Diana, Brigid, Kali, the Crone, GreenMan, and more for Pagan, Wicca and Spiritual folks.

SpiralGlow - New Age, Wiccan supplies, Pagan - SpiralGlow offers a huge selection of Wiccan supplies, Pagan supplies and New Age products. Serving the Wiccan, Pagan and New Age community online with articles links and resources. For all your Metaphysical needs!

Spiralwalk, School of Natural Magick - Spiralwalk, School of Natural Magick, offers a comprehensive curriculum in natural magick, witchcraft, ritual work, intuitive healing, and psychic development. Come discover new ways to live the sacred in your own life! Located in Seattle, WA.

Spiritual Dustings - This is my spiritual journey - and I am adding information I learn it about Paganism, Wicca, Witchcraft, magick, Native American wisdom, healing, Reiki and it will continue to grow as I do.

Spiritual Merchants Directory - A searchable directory listing sites pertaining to the occult, magick, witchcraft, paganism, esoterism, new age, meditation, mind, body & spirit. It's a free service. Mostly caters to merchants whose product/services fall in one of the categories above.

Spritual Occult Magickal Talismans Charms Rituals - A mystical Spiritual object retrieved through shamanic magickal rituals, manifested in physical reality and contains nature spirits otherwise known as Elementals. Command them to empower you!!! Command them to assist you in magickal operations.

Starrwolfs Emporium - Witch, Spells, Spell Kits, Books, Book of Shadows, Witch Craft Supplies, Wicca, Pagan, Occult, Tarot Card, Herbal Store and more.

Student Witch - A short tutorial on High Witchcraft for student witches.

Support Pagan Artists! - Support Pagan rtists! is dedicate to increasing awareness of the talent within our community. Whether you seek artwork, music, writings or other beauties, come visit us and see who we are!

Taexalia - Pagan Jewellery - Pagan jewellery, hippy pendants and exclusive polymer clay art - wolves, fairies, dragons, serpents, Pictish and Celtic art, mystical and magical symbols, Goddesses, Gods, pentacles... the Sun, the Moon and the Stars.

Tales From The Woods - We are a collection of pagan poetry writers leaning towards the peaceful spectrum.

Temple of Gaia's Children - Temple of Gaia’s Children Mission Statement: We follow the Call of The Lord and The Lady. We follow the ways, cycles and rhythms of Nature. We practice the craft of the wise and the ancients. For in all of these we find wisdom, experience divinity.

The Agnostic Witch - A personal online notebook containing indepth research on various topics related to philosophy, spiritualism and witchcraft. The information contained within this web site may answer some questions but at the same time it raises others.

The Church and School of Wicca - The Church and School of Wicca offers a study program of correspondance courses. We also have many books and other items which can help you on your spiritual path.

The Distinguished Witch - For ALL your MAGICKAL needs! We carry a Full Line of Wiccan and Pagan Jewelry and Supplies. Stop by and sign up for our MEMBER�S ONLY NEWSLETTER and you will receive News and Discount Coupons good at our site. Brightest Blessings.

The Eye Of The Dragon - Learn about dragon legend, dragon lore, dragon magick. Study dragon entymology, the Draco Constellation, the crocodiles of Orion, dragons in various cultures, and dragon correspondences.

The Glade - Spiritual, symbolic, physical. Reconstructionist Celtic paganism and mythology, fantasy beings, mysticism, divination, estern wisdom, black and white and color photographs, noteable people and eras in history.

The Goddess Closet - The Goddess Closet is a new age store devoted to customer satisfaction. Specializing in new age, pagan, wiccan supplies which are beautiful and unique. Feel free to look around, stay a while and please do return often.

The Hekate FAQ - Attempts to answer the most common questions about Greek goddess Hekate, such as her origins, genealogy, and role in myth and magic.

The LanChester Pagan Association - Meet other like-minded local Pennsylvania Pagans, Wiccans, Druids, all walks of pagan life within the Chester County & Lancaster County area.

The Mystik Dragon's Keep, Wiccan Supply - The Mystik Dragon's Keep the source for Wiccan supply, magickal accessories, pagan jewelry, triquetra, divination, wiccan greeting cards, pagan artwork and hundreds more items for the home, self, and altar.

The NorthWinds Community - The NorthWinds Community is an Eclectic community for all pagans to come and learn and teach and have fun around others who share common ideas!

The Pagan Web - The Pagan Web has been offering online education to the Pagan community since 1996. Join us to participate in online rituals, workshops and chat groups with people from all over the world.

The Pagan Wench - ThePaganWench has been in business since 1986 & is one of the largest online sources for all your retail metaphysical, witchcraft, pagan & new age supplies.

The Religious Order of Witchcraft - We are promoting and educating the world on Witchcraft and Spirituality, through our free Witchcraft Classes and Discussions. We are chartered and licensed since 1972. Non - profit. Come by or contact us at 228-463-0410

The Simple Witch - The Simple Witch is a monthly publication that is delivered directly to your mailbox. This is not an ezine nor is it an email newsletter. A magickal staff bringing viewers information on topics that the normal, simple witch wants to find.

The Whimsical Witch - Making life more Magickal... fashionably!

The Witches Grove - The Witches Grove is an online resource for herbs, incenses, oils and teas as well as an assortment of gift and handmade items. If we don't have an herb you are looking for, we can get it at good quality and a reasonable price.

Theology for Pagans - Articles on theology, myth, rituals and poetry for eclectic pagans.

Thistle & Ivy - Offers an original line of pagan greeting cards and gifts featuring the art of pagan wiccan artist Lora Craig-Gaddis.

Traditional Cornish Witchcraft.... - Tools, Powders and other information on traditional Cornish Witchcraft.

Traditional Witchcraft Forums - An interactive discussion and community gathering place to converse and learn about the traditionally based paths of European Paganism with particular emphasis on Irish traditions.

Traditions Magazine - Traditions is a journal of Pagan spirituality and magick. Our mission is to provide innovative and well researched information regarding Paganism and its many cultural traditions. We offer an opportunity to explore Paganism.

Twinflame, Modern, Celtic Spirit Music - Original, inspiring, new age, Celtic music by Twinflame couple Wen Boley and Rebecca Hilton. Songs of peace, love and light. Song samples, CDs and movie demos.

Under A Blue Moon (New age store) - Blue Moon brings you a diverse selection of magickal and ritual supplies, including Athames, books, candles, incense, essential oils, jewelry, spell kits, wind chimes, smudge sticks, tarot cards and boxes, wands, staffs, and so much more.

Walker Metalsmiths Celtic Jewelry - A craftsman run workshop specializing in authentic, handmade Celtic jewelry in silver, gold and platinum. Metalsmith Stephen Walker creates continuous knotwork pattern Celtic rings, Celtic crosses, brooches and bagpipe fittings.

WaterHawk Creations - One of a kind hand crafted metaphysical, healing and ceremonial tools. We use crystals combined with nickel silver and our dragon scale and vine designs to create our works of art.

Welcome To WolfMoonGrove - Wolf Moon Grove is a Traditional Wiccan Coven, based in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area. We place a tremendous emphasis on healing activities and positive Magick, founded on love and compassion for all things.

White Willow Stitching - Specializing in Pagan and Fantasy cross stitch. Also featuring Native American charts as well as animals and more.

Wicca Sources Blog - Blog about Wicca, aganism, gemstone and herbal lore. I invite you to send me your articles for publication and join the discussion. Free e-books for download.

Wiccan Dreams - The Craft Shoppe - The Craft Shoppe. Wiccan, Pagan and Gothic products and gifts. Magical amulets, charms and pendants, Celtic and Viking jewellery, spell kits, runes, tarot cards, reiki, greetings cards and much more.

Wiccan Spells and WitchCraft - Wicca for the Beginner, free magic spells white, free love witchcraft spells, free witch craft love spells, charmed spells, free witch craft love spells, love spells witchcraft free, craft free love spells witch, love spells white magic.

Witchcraft/ Quality Music - Legal Music Downloads, Pagan Chatroom, Links, Pagan Eductaion, ect.

Witches World - A informational site for all witches around the world!

Wizard's Wares - Pagan/New Age retailer offering goods, gifts, readings and wisdom. We offer layaway, gift certificates, contests and free drawings. Herbal products specifically blended for womens' health issues!

Wyrd - Odinist (Norse Pagan) articles. Home of the Nine Virtues News and the rune rosary.

Wyrdfire Coven Information Site - Wyrdfire Coven is a Neo-Pagan Shamanic Tradition based in Indianapolis, Indiana, whose members group worship incorporates elements of Wicca, Shamanism, and Ecleccticism and personally worship as many ways as there are members.

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